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NEW 2014







DENAS-PCM-4 — an expert in the field of neurostimulation therapy.
Novelty advanced design combined with an expanded arsenal of treatment options.

DENAS PCM — an expert in the field of  DENS-therapy. Universal machine is equipped with a set of treatment  programs for first-aid treatment and course of common illnesses and  symptoms. The device can be used for a long time without causing  addiction and reduction of impact in the treatment of pain, motor  disorders, recovery from injury, surgery. Distinguished by the  possibility of drawing up individual treatment regimens.

   In addition to the well-established regimes («Therapy» from 20 to 200 Hz,  and the MED program mode «Screening») came to subsonic frequency range  of 1 to 10 Hz and modulated modes of «7710» and «77AM».
This «filling» is of great importance when it comes to long-term care,  rehabilitation and the need to create individual recipes procedures.     



from previous models “DiaDENS-T”, “DENAS” and “DiaDENS-PC”

The 24 new express therapy modes are added 


With direct treatment by individual program 

Direct Projection

Segmentary zone

Symmetrical zone


Lung diseases

Pain in neck

Pain in joints




Problem with erection


Asthma and other



The 10 new manual therapy modes are added

7710, 77AM, 200Hz …. 1.0 Hz



The therapeutic mode «MED preventive» is added



The operation mode Calendar with reminder system is added 



Big LCD display with highlight



New case






Treatment programs — 24 express treatment programs most common diseases and conditions:

Therapy from 1 to 9.9 Hz — subsonic frequencies for individual choice of  stimulation parameters.

Therapy 10, 20 Hz — universal correction modes of mental and emotional  state, and hormonal disorders.

Therapy 60, 77, 140 Hz — special regimes for pain, swelling and  inflammation, rehabilitation in diseases of the joints and spine.

Therapy 200 Hz — fast mode of anesthesia.

DER program — rehabilitation after physical and mental overstrain,  disease prevention.

Therapy 7710 and 77AM — modulated modes with a relaxing and invigorating effects. Modes added to the model in 2014

Screening — helps you choose the most appropriate treatment area.

Menu available at a glance and the machine make the treatment as  comfortable and effective for a person of any age.



Please note: Denas Corporation produces Denas PCM-4 only in Russian language!




General Specifications for Denas-PCM-4:

  • Batteries: 2 x 1, 5 V LR6/AA;
  • Frequencies: Frequency settings possible with the device vary from 1.0 Hz to 9.9 Hz (0.1 Hz grid), 10 Hz, 20 Hz, 60 Hz, 77 Hz, 140 Hz, 200 Hz;
  • Net weight………….. 0,77 lbs (0,35 kg);
  • Dimensions …………145?55?45 mm;
  • Capability to connect external therapy electrodes.


All electrodes work with Denas and Denas-PCM, Denas-T, DiaDens-PCM, DiaDens-T




(2011 model) was developed using a breakthrough technology and hypoallergenic material – silicone with a conductive core.
The external electrode is used as an alternative to the built-in electrodes of therapeutic DENS devices.
The DENS-Applicator can be easily and securely attached to various areas of the body, limbs or joints.
The patient assumes a comfortable position and can perform the procedure without assistance.
The large application area shortens the procedure and decreases treatment time, increasing efficiency.
The treatment has some counterindications.
Please read the User’s Manual and consult your doctor to ensure appropriate application of external electrodes and the optimal combination with other treatment methods.


DENS-Glasses electrode


 is designed for preventive care and treatment of the area around the eyes.
DENS-Glasses can be used: • To overcome fatigue after prolonged eye strain (computer, TV); • To prevent and treat children’s myopia; in cases of refraction disorder in any age (myopia, farsightedness); during glaucoma; during inflammatory eye diseases; during dystrophic amphiblestrodes diseases.
The glasses-shaped electrode affects all bioactive spots around the eye simultaneously.
The treatment has some counterindications.
Please read the User’s Manual and consult your doctor to ensure appropriate application of DENS devices and the optimal combination with other treatment methods.


Massage electrodes

Hair comb massage electrode is designed for application to the scalp.
Indications for use: headache, dizziness; sleep disorders, fatigue, anxiety; hair loss; recovery after inflammatory disease or cerebral trauma; cerebral atherosclerosis.
Flat massage electrode is designed for cosmetic procedures (lifting, lymph drainage): improves blood circulation in skin, boosts metabolism; normalizes muscle tone; helps to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles; reduces puffiness, improves complexion and skin elasticity.
The treatment has some counterindications.
Please read the User’s Manual and consult your doctor to ensure appropriate application of DENS devices and the optimal combination with other treatment methods.



New external electrode — Denas-Reflexo is  produced from an innovative shockproof material – conductive plastic.

It is made in the shape of a square platform with a slight elevation in the middle and is covered with rounded spikes.

This design allows the use to achieve close contact with the whole feet skin area, including the arch, which helps to improve DENAS therapy efficiency. Other than this, the spikes stimulate the skin’s receptors mechanically in the feet and facilitate additional effects.

There are two significant groups of indications for dynamic electro neuro stimulation with Denas-Reflexo.The first group of indications – when we need to reach local therapeutic effects, solving orthopedic problems such as feet joints diseases, arthrosis, arthritis, gout, flatfoot, valgus deformity (when bone or joint is twisted outward from the center of the body), traumas and other problems. Vascular problems are considered a part of local therapeutic effects, such as varicose, chronic venous insufficiency, accompanied by feeling of tiredness and puffiness in legs, which intensifies by the end of the day.

A disruption of arterial blood flow is also considered a type  of vascular problem, or so called occlusive diseases:atherosclerosis, endarteritis, diabetic foot lesion, including trophic disorders. Furthermore, DENAS therapy is indicated for lymphatic drainage disorder or so calledlymph stasis.

The electro stimulation is applied in cases of peripheral nerve lesions in the lower extremities as well as in cases of diabetic or radiculitis (spine pathology) origin.  

The second significant group of Denas-Reflexo indications are conditions in which we want to achieve a general regulatory effect. According to classical Su Jok feet system there is a projection of all internal body organs in feet (view picture above).

Therefore, an indication for feet DENAS procedure aresyndromes of chronic fatigue, emotional, physical and mental overstrain/stress, mood swings, anxiety, depression, frequent migraines, sleep disorders and many other problems.