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GENUINE PRODUKT from manufacturer (Ritm company) 
Beware fake copies!
Guarantee of 2 years!!!
SCENAR 02 is a particular version of the device that can be used at home and in any other conditions (on a business trip or a journey, in a car, in a plane, etc.) to alleviate the pain, to treat respiratory diseases, relieve from problems at traumas, burns, frostbites.
SCENAR 02 — the most advanced model in Scenar family for home use.
Frequency — 60, 90 Hz
Amplitude modulation — combined with 60 Hz
Dosed mode – combined with the mode 60 Hz, 3:1
Medical personnel can use this device to treat any diseases.
Ease of operation, reliability in service and high effectiveness of SCENAR devices make them indispensable in first aid rendering.
You may use SCENAR:
to treat home traumas (wounds, abrasion, scratches, soft tissue bruises, muscle strains, sprains, I and II degree burns and frostbites);
to alleviate or eliminate aches and pains of well-known origin (headache, toothache, radiculitis pain, menstrual pain, as well as pains in oncological patients – to improve life quality);
to treat crush syndrome, intoxication, wounds when different accidents occur (until qualified medical care is provided);
for normalization of sleep;
for blood pressure normalization;
to treat acute respiratory diseases and viral respiratory infections;
for decongestion (edema removal);
to help out of a shock, faint, heart attack (until qualified medical care is provided);
for cosmetic treatment (face-lifting, wrinkle removal, skin aging prophylaxis).
Under doctor’s guidance you can use SCENAR devices to treat:
nervous system;
musculoskeletal system;
respiratory system; — cardiovascular system;
cardiovascular system;
digestive apparatus;
urogenital system;
tooth diseases
as well as:
for prophylaxis of adverse reaction to drugs;
for prophylaxis of postvaccinal complications in children and adults;
to associate chemo- and radiotherapy in cancer patients.
You will get:
1. SCENAR device (in box)
2. device passport & instruction manual (ONLY in Russian language)
3. Leather case for SCENAR device.
4. CD with instruction manuals in English.
Also please note that Scenar requires 9V battery (sold separately). We can`t put it in the box because of some countries customs restrictions.